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Born from friendship

Meet The Team

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Leanne Lewis

My name is Leanne, I'm a mother of 2 , a Trained Dancer and College Department leader. 

I have over 14 years experience teaching children and also event management. My passion for seeing children express and grow creativley is what drives me, and gives me the perfect skillset for my magical moments.

Getting to do this alongside my best friend is a dream come true.


Michelle Bridgwater

My name is Michelle, Also a mother of 2 and a principal of a local dance school. 
I have over 16 years experience teaching children and running events. This experience is what makes me approachable, organised and professional.
Leanne is a special friend, working together on Magical Moments is an exciting project that I can't wait to see flourish.

About Us

We are just as passionate about your dreams as we are ours.

As professional dancers and teachers, Leanne and Michelle's paths crossed professionally which lead to a lifelong friendship, both very successful in their respected fields, the arrival of 2 boys and 2 girls, along with a global pandemic gave them both a different perspective in view of what they wanted there future to look like.

From that moment on, what followed was many a coffee shop meeting, countless zoom calls, and late nights working on ideas and awaiting that lightbulb moment. From that passion Magical Moments was born.

Already working in such creative environments, gave Leanne and Michelle the perfect skillset to marry the 2 things they love the most, creativity and their children.  Its this love and passion that separates their business from the others, the desire to deliver a wonderful experience to each of the families they work with, and to help children to see the world the same magical way that they did when they were young.


   Those who dont believe in magic will never find it

Roald Dahl

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